The Art Of Romance Is Dead, And These Real-Life Stories Are Proof

The Art Of Romance Is Dead, And These Real-Life Stories Are Proof

Think your romantic skills are sorely lacking?

That very well might be, but we're 100 percent sure you could be worse off. Why? Because on Wednesday, some brave souls on the Ask Reddit forum shared the most cringeworthy thing a current or ex-partner ever did or said to them in the name of love.

Read it and take comfort in knowing your mood-killing ways have nothing on these folks.

1. "He gave me a picture of 'him' -- except it was actually an old pic of him and his ex. He cut it right in front of me and put the other half back in his drawer." -Totesmcgotes702

2. "He used to think that whispering sweet nothings into my ear meant literally whispering the phrase, 'sweet nothings.' Took me about a year before I couldn't keep a straight face anymore." -Trychtopus

3. "For Valentine's Day one year my ex-husband got me a full body massage...with his massage therapist mother. It was one hour of straight cringing." -eyesonherhorizon

4. "Instead of kissing me on the cheek or forehead, he would kiss under my chin, like, directly beneath my lips because 'it was a space no one else had ever kissed.' It took me two years to realize how damn crazy he was." -Samipearl19

5. "My husband told me that I can't be an organ donor because if I died he would have to go be married to whoever gets my organs." -amazinjess305

6. "I'm in college and in our dining hall we have this one healthy cereal that tastes like cardboard but has different shapes in it. My friend's ex-boyfriend once picked out all the heart pieces from it on Valentine's Day so he could gather an entire bowl of them. He gave it to her and made her eat it while he watched." -tcoons

7. "I was dating my current girlfriend in high school. Senior year, prom season came around. In order to ask her to prom, I wrote 'Prom?' on my ass and mooned her. She cried, clearly expecting something more romantic. I still feel bad about it to this day, but we laugh about it now." -miltonsalwaysright

8 "My ex had dreads. One day, while I was eating, she pulled a piece of a dread that came out out of her purse and asked if I wanted to dissect it with her." -igotbannedfromAA

9. "One time I was Skyping with my fiancé (we weren't dating at the time) and we were beginning to fall asleep because we had decided to chat all night long. I put my head down to rest and I briefly woke up to the sight of him gently stroking his screen/webcam as if he was touching my head. I never mentioned it to him and I'm pretty sure he didn't see me wake up." -americaneejit

10. "When I was younger my boyfriend at the time tried to do a striptease for me. He didn't have any music, so he just started to pelvic thrust in time with his own 'UNTS UNTS UNTS UNTS' while taking his shirt off. I couldn't handle it and started cracking up." -ClassiestBondGirl311

And lastly, this soul crushing, not-so-romantic "compliment":

"An ex once told me, "That easily made my top 5 ranking of all the sex I've ever had in my life!" -davec79

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