When Bad Hair Happens To Famous People: Spikes, Bleach & More Awkward Celebrity Hairstyles (PHOTOS)

Remember When This Was Cool?

Confession: Every guy I had a crush on in middle school had the same hair. Some had blonde, others had brown, but all had spikey bleached tips styled with a lot of gel. The boys I loved weren't alone, celebrities like Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and everyone in a boy band all had the same kind of hair: Bad hair.

Looking back, the mid-'90s to early 2000s weren't exactly the most attractive period. But, at the time, it was totally hot.

Take an awkward trip down memory lane below and see 32 stars with silly hairstyles. Are you glad this trend disappeared?

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Brad Pitt, 1995

Spikes, Bleach And More Bad Celebrity Hair

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