Bad Hair Days and Nine Other Reasons Being a Female Sucks

Starting with the menstrual cycle, to feeling like every man in the world will never understand you, here are the top 10 reasons being a female can totally suck, and maybe this will make you feel less alone.
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Woman holding head and screaming against blue background
Woman holding head and screaming against blue background

Women all around the world often feel like they are totally alone. We all have the same thoughts, we all feel like no one understands us, and that our world may possibly end if our day doesn't start to get better soon. Even though no female is the exact same, and many of us have different issues, there are some problems that most women face daily. Starting with the menstrual cycle, to feeling like every man in the world will never understand you, here are the top 10 reasons being a female can totally suck, and maybe this will make you feel less alone.

1. The little red devil. If you're a female, or a male who has a woman in their life, it is very obvious that the menstrual cycle is the number one reason why being a female sucks. From cramps and bloating, to migraines, nausea, acne and so forth, this little gift to each woman is one we all wish we could return. Not only do we have to deal with this devil tormenting us day after day for up to a week, but the rest of the world has to deal with us. From cravings and mood swings, to making our significant others buy our tampons at the store, this is a week from hell for everybody around us.

2. Holy hormones. Now, many would think hormones would fall under periods. But if you are a woman, you know that hormones never stop. Period or no period, we all have days where all we want to do is watch The Notebook, and cry. Some women are pretty balanced in this department, while others strap in for a daily emotional roller coaster as soon as they wake up. For all those men out there who think we're crazy, our hormones will also do the apologizing for us. However, screaming at you on the phone at two in the morning about something you said to us two days ago may seem unreasonable to you, but it is perfectly rational to us.

3. Wax on, wax all the way off. Summer months mean no school, freedom, and the beach. It also means a large amount of bikini waxing, shaving, plucking, and trimming for women all over the world. Of course, it doesn't stop there; women are expected to stay smooth all year round! You have never felt pain until you experience the tiny hairs all over your body being stripped off of you with hot wax. Ask any woman what they love most about winter, and they all secretly want to say, "I don't have to shave my legs as much!"

4. Bad hair days. It is 10 minutes before you have to leave, you're running late, and your hair is sticking up in all the wrong places. You try water, hair spray, gel, wearing it down, wearing it up. Nothing works. This is what all females call the bad hair day. Whether your curls make you look like a poodle, or your hair is too flat, every girl has suffered from one of these days. Every girl understands why Britney Spears really shaved her head that day. We've been there, girl. Stay strong, ladies.

5. Societal pressures. At some point in every female's life, they are faced with an unbelievable pressure from outside sources. This can be at any age. It begins when we are young, what toys we play with, who we hang out with. Then we get older and it becomes acceptable to call each other names. We are labeled as "sluts," or "prudes," based on just how far we are willing to go to make a boy happy. As we reach college, we have to decide what we want more, a career or a family. Are you a feminist? What do you stand for? Do you demand respect? Every day females struggle for equality, and respect, something that society makes us work hard for, starting from a very young age.

6. The fat/skinny dilemma. Every female body is different. Yet, the media likes to portray women as tall and skinny, (basically any Victoria Secret model), or sexy and voluptuous, (hello, Kim Kardashian). This causes every female to look in the mirror and judge their bodies. Women all around the world are left thinking they're too fat, too skinny, flat chested, or they just don't have enough junk in their trunk. This dilemma makes it nearly impossible for women to truly accept themselves for the way they are. Every female usually has at least one problem with their body that they wish they could change, when really we are all beautiful in our own way.

7. Drama, drama, drama. Do you ever walk into a room and have a sixth sense that someone was just talking about you? Welcome to the daily struggle of girl's life. Although gossip can break relationships, many of us ladies secretly thrive on the rush we get when sharing stories. We just can't stop. By the way that reminds me, did you hear about what Lisa did last weekend?

8. Mammograms and the gyno. Preventing breast cancer is important, and screenings are the key to catching it early. But no female in the world will wake up and think, "I really want to get my boobs flattened like a pancake today." Additionally, screenings for cervical cancer and sexually transmitted diseases are also very crucial to female health. But you haven't experienced an awkward situation until your doctor is seeing all your parts for the first time. Let alone swabbing your insides for cells. It really is the best ice breaker, after that; there is no health question too weird to ask your doctor.

9. Giving birth. Yes, women rock because we basically create humans. But pushing those humans out, well, that's another story. Most females understand the inevitable fact that one day they will push out a human at least the weight of bowling ball. We literally get torn up. Torn. Up. Just think about that guys, and be thankful that your job is all fun and no pain.

10. The language barrier between males and females. The most common miscommunication that can happen between a man and a woman comes in two words, "I'm fine." To males we are an interesting yet dangerous species, we speak in a language they simply do not understand. Our culture is one they don't wish to be a part of, and we think in ways that are completely strange and irrational. The on-going battle on learning to communicate with one another is one that will probably never end. They never know how to answer the question, "Does this make me look fat?," and they will never completely understand all of your little quirks.

Many women have different opinions about why being a female is the worst thing in the world, but we're all in this together. Empathize with one another and realize, maybe Tiffany isn't a brat, maybe it's just her hormones. Maybe Jessica's hair looks horrible because she's having a bad hair day, and you know you've been there too. Smile and love one another, and gentlemen, hopefully these reasons will help you understand us all a little bit better.

MaryKate writes for Unwritten.

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