25 Reasons Why No One Is Liking Your Instagram Photos

But first, please do not take a selfie.

Thanks to Instagram, the modern-day maxim, "Pics or it didn't happen," is one that people have started to take way too literally. Now, every little thing that someone does and every event that happens, major or minuscule (and far too often the latter) must be posted on the social media platform to confirm its existence. But in our quest to document every bit of our lives and get all the "likes" we can get, we've noticed that our Instagram feeds are becoming cluttered with photos that really just don't need to be there. Therefore, it may be time to face the truth and admit if you are...

1. The person who has apparently never been outside before.


2. Or the person who wants to tell you what it's like outside -- by posting a screenshot of a weather app.


3. The person who is just so motivated. Do you know how motivated they are? Because they're really motivated.


4. Or the person who understands life as a series of memes.


5. The person who really wants everyone to know they're at the gym. Taking selfies.


6. The person who is in the middle of a super-healthy diet. (Hint: Healthy food usually isn't very fun to look at.)


7. The person who posts way too many videos. Usually of weird stuff.


8. The hashtag fanatic (whose hashtags rarely make any sense).


9. Or the person who tags #foodporn on a selfie, for some reason.


10. The person who posts (really bad) pictures of food, then has the audacity to claim it's #foodporn.


11. The person who takes a selfie with their food. Points for knowing the power of the Crunchwrap and dog in the background.


12. The person who posts a picture of their food after they ate it. At least this person is self-aware with the #badfoodporn hashtag.


13. The person who posts a picture that isn't quite worth a thousand words, so they use a bunch of words to get there.


14. The one person who posts a picture of dirty dishes.


15. The serial selfie narcissist.


16. The person who posts a picture of their airplane wing (we have all been this person).


17. Or the airplane window (but hopefully not this one).


18. The person who always posts a picture of a skyline.


19. The person who makes it very apparent that all they ever do is hang out with their dog.


20. The person who shows their "OOTD" three times in one picture...


21. The person who doesn't quite understand the purpose of PicStitch.


22. The person who posts what they are listening to.


23. The person who really wants everyone to know they're at work right now.


24. The person who posts a really boring text message.


25. The person whose "duckface" has gotten out of control.

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