17 Men's Hairstyles Of The Past That Should Just Stay Dead

Sorry Bieber, but you made our list.

We can regret our hairstyles of the past, or we can learn from them.

The beautiful thing about hindsight is that, if we listen, it can really teach us some things.

It's OK -- sometimes, we make regrettable choices. But let's all agree to make hindsight work for us going forward, and never repeat the following.

We'll happily add man buns to this list when that time comes.

The Faux Hawk
Photo of David Beckham by Ross Kinnaird via Getty Images
David Beckham's mid-2000 faux hawk had all the white guys running to the barber for the look.
The Bieb 1.0
Photo of Justin Bieber by Kevin Winter/DCNYRE2010 via Getty Images
The swish felt around the world.
The Man Perm
Photo of Justin Timberlake by Ron Galella via Getty Images
Nobody can get enough of JT, and so everyone forgave him for his ramen hair of 2000.
The Jheri Curl
Photo of Lionel Richie by David Redfern via Getty Images
These curls should never have danced on Lionel's ceiling.
The Emo Flat-Ironed Comb-Forward
Photo of Pete Wentz and Ryan Ross by Michael Tran Archive via Getty Images
Many of us expressed our tweenage angst looking like Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco.
Flock Of Seagulls
Photo of Mike Score by Ron Wolfson via Getty Images
The hairspray of the '80s still lingers in the air.
The Great Depression
Photo of F. Scott Fitzgerald in the Hulton Archive via Getty Images
The original "seagull flocker," F. Scott Fitzgerald, parted it down the middle in 1935, but it was most recently seen on Simon Cowell in 2013.
The Serial Killer Bowl
Javier Bardem was a legitimately scary man in "No Country For Old Men." 75 percent was acting and the rest was his hair.
The Frosted Tip
Photo of Mark McGrath by Ron Galella via Getty Images
Why did we frost our tips in the '90s? To look like Sugar Ray. Or Lance Bass. Or Justin Timberlake. Or that jerk in 4th period that Heather liked.
The Frosted Mid-Part
Photo of Nick Carter by Mario Magnani via Getty Images
The mid-parted bowl, seen on Nick Carter, was bequeathed to us by 1990s boy bands -- such style pioneers to all kids in the '90s. Let's not give them that power again.
The Frosted Mullet
Photo of Billy Ray Cyrus by J. P. Aussenard via Getty Images
Country stars should get a separate post of their own, but we couldn't ignore this prime example of a frosted mullet championed by Billy Ray Cyrus in his achy breaky days.
The Caesar
Photo of George Clooney by NBC via Getty Images
Clooney hasn't changed all that much since leaving "ER," but we need to stop asking for the "caesar" when we go to the barber.
The Nickel Bleach
Photo of Chad Kroeger by Mick Hutson via Getty Images
The roots in Chad Kroeger's hair were so dark that it comes through in most of Nickleback's hits. Unfortunately, millions of Americans in this era were into it at the time.
The Duritz Dreads
Photo of Adam Duritz by Vinnie Zuffante via Getty Images
Sideshow Bob wore it better.
The Skrillex
Photo of Skrillex by C Flanigan via Getty Images
Polarizing, polemic-inducing and briefly ubiquitous. The Skrillex gave way to most of the undercut looks we see today.
The Conquerer Comb Over
Universal History Archive via Getty Images
Napoleon Bonaparte, seen here in this flattering portrait, had more on his mind than where to put his bangs. This look has most recently been made popular on the head of Donald John Trump, Sr.
Mutton Chops
This photo, taken from the future after an apocalypse ends most of mankind, shows how mutton chops make a comeback thanks to Galen, Central City's leading fashion icon.

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