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Bad Neighbors Are Everywhere: Can You Top These Stories?

You can pick the perfect home, but not who you will be living next door to.

Call it a coincidence. Just as we were discussing our worst neighbors of all time, a story came our way about a man who set fire to the house next door to his -- over a disagreement about the height of that homeowner's grass. See the video above for the whole odd and terrible story.

Of course, that dramatic example makes our own horrifying moments a little less compelling. But still, we've all had a run-in with a person who ... well, let's just say he or she wouldn't be our first choice when it came to living in close proximity.

Here are our stories -- names omitted to protect the innocent.

Maybe You Should've Googled Him First

I lived below a nice independent filmmaker for about five months before I figured out he was filming adult videos in his apartment. (The sounds and guests filtering through the building at unusual hours were unmistakably, erm, adult.) "Indie filmmaker" indeed. Either I'm just really unobservant, or his career took an unusual turn.

Cheap, But You Definitely Pay For It

I live in a building that's home to many college students. I can deal with the noise to some extent, but I drew the line when one puked on our doormat.

At Least It's A Pet-Friendly Building?

My neighbor recently got a new cat and named it "Sex Appeal." It got loose last week, so she stood outside my door for a good 15 minutes shouting "Sexy!" "Sex Appeal!"

You Can Say Your Neighborhood Has "Character"

My neighbor -- an elderly gentleman who lives alone -- has a bird. He loves his bird. He and the bird can be seen on summer evenings sitting together on the front stoop. The bird has no cage. The man has no pants.

You'll Never Feel Lonely

There are some "bros" upstairs that play foosball every night really aggressively. You can overhear every hilarious phone conversation because they talk really loudly. Like "So, what are you wearing?"

This Is Just Plain Bad

I had a neighbor who appeared homeless but actually lived in my building. One day he asked me to "help him with dinner" (meaning give him MY dinner I was carrying up), and another day I saw him selling drugs to college students.

What are your worst neighbor stories? Share them in the comments!

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