Bad Restaurant Food Photography: Colonoscopy, Jaundice and Muckety Muck!


Once again, it's time to love the art of bad restaurant food photography.

The skinny: Restaurants frequently take their own photos of food items on their menu. Then they display these photographic-triumphs in their eatery's window to entice customers. The result is often the opposite of what was intended; it actually makes the meal look less appealing. Blurry, badly lit, out-of-focus, poorly framed, often shot with a disposable camera -- this genre of photography deserves a little recognition from the art community.

Grab a fork and leave your appetite at home, because once again it's times to explore the marvels of... Bad Restaurant Food Photography!



I'm pretty sure this restaurant acquired this photograph from the Discovery Channel. Or the restaurant proprietor snapped this shot with a microfiber camera inside the human body. For some reason, he mislabeled the image and mistook it for a gyro.


Jaundice on a Bun

Know what I like from my sandwiches? Yellow -- the color yellow. Yellow, yellow, yellow. The more yellow, the better. I like it when my sandwiches look like they're in the late stages of jaundice. Yellow-tastic! Yellow-rific!


Insert Your Own Joke Here...

The easy joke here would be... what, people? Come on, I know what you're thinking. You know what this looks like. And it comes served with yellow sauce.


What The?!? Huh?

The menu items looks just like a bed bug... okay, it is a bed bug -- but not exactly the kind of advertisement you want outside your deli that serves up cole slaw.


Dark Side of the Moon

What I want my bagels to look like -- a lunar eclipse. Wasn't this a Pink Floyd album cover?


Muckety Muck

Sure, no one can figure out what exactly that muckety muck is in the food serving bin -- but check out that bottle of Coke. It's flippin' huge in scale with the muckety muck.


Fried Crab Puffs

Is it a good idea to have a photo of food in your window that requires subtitles -- otherwise no one would know what the hell that thing is on the plate?