Bad Restaurant Food Photography: Lose Your Appetite!

Sometimes restaurant food photography defeats the originally intended purpose -- it makes you repulsed by the cuisine actually served inside the eatery. This occurs when optimistic owners snap their own pics of various menu items and hang these images in their window -- in a misguided attempt to lure passersby into their establishment. Often they miserably fail.

Once again, I scoured the streets for the absolute worst food photography the city's restaurants have to offer. Luckily for you, mission accomplished!

Addicted Yet?
Maybe I'm addicted? But looking at this photo, I'm not exactly sure what I'm addicted to? Am I addicted to an open wound? Or am I addicted to the remains of a deer hit by a speeding truck? Will I steal my roommate's laptop to fuel my addiction?
Sandwich Thief
Hey, did someone already eat part of my Philly Steak! It looks like they pulled it right off my plate and threw it back down -- really hard. I need to move quicker.


Nuclear Holocaust

This is what all sandwiches will look like after the nuclear bomb drops on America, martial law goes into effect and we're all forced to live in FEMA camps. We'll each consist on one of these radioactive sandwiches per day. Bon appétit.



So that's what your intestines look like! I always wanted to see my innards. Medical science is amazing.