'Overwhelming' Stink Leads Cops To Massive Illegal Lobster Stash

'Overwhelming' Stink Leads Cops To Massive Illegal Lobster Stash

It was one shell of a bust, but the officers had probable claws.

Cops in South Africa got tipped off to a foul odor on Thursday. They arrived to find a pickup truck with a tarp covering its bed, and an "overwhelming stench" of fish coming from it.

When they searched it, they uncovered 3,725 illegal spiny saltwater lobster tails in the back. That's an amount worth about $6,400.

In South Africa, spiny saltwater lobsters are called crayfish, not to be confused with the smaller freshwater variety common to the United States. South African law prohibits the farming and possession of the crustaceans, due to their environmental impact.

Police located the owner of the truck and arrested her on charges of crayfish possession. The tails were confiscated.

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