10 Valentine's Day Cards That Will Get You Dumped (NSFW)

Here's a little PSA for people who find themselves coupled up this Valentine's Day: If you value your relationship in the least bit, do not give your significant other a valentine as crappy as the ones below. Cards this terrible will get you dumped, even if it is Valentine's Day.

1. The valentine from the panty-dropping "poet."

2. The valentine from the person who's keeping it old school.

3. The card handcrafted by a pro backhand complimenter.

4. The valentine from guy who thinks his puns are more hilarious than they are.

5. The valentine from the guy whose puns are slightly better than the ones above.

6. The card from the person who'd rather be with Nick Cage.

7. The valentine from the guy who may as well have given you nothing.

8. The valentine from the girlfriend who loves you just the way you are... we guess.

9. The card from the die-hard Obama supporter.

10. The valentine from the guy who has a way with words.

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