Badass for a Good Cause: Def Jam Co-Founder, Author and Vegan, Russell Simmons

Minute for minute, my discussion with Russell Simmons, the business mogul and philanthropist who co-founded Def Jam Records and created Phat Farm fashions, is the most information-dense interview I have ever done. In the most recent episode of The Dinner Party with Elysabeth Alfano, Russell tells me about how his philosophy of lifting other people up and how his growth through struggle have made him into the spiritual man that he is today.

He offers words of advice about the courage to take a path less traveled, and how hard work, dedication, resilience and faith are the making of miracles. And, of course, we dish his new book, The Happy Vegan, and how being vegan makes for a happier and healthier life and planet.

If you think the podcast below is all woo-woo and incense, think again! Russell let's loose, speaks his mind and goes a bit badass for the good cause of protecting our resources on this planet. He doesn't stop there either. Rightly so, Russell outlines the despicable nature of factory farms and the repercussions of such on our environment and our health, not to mention the horrible treatment of animals. He advocates for doing the least amount of harm possible in this life, and who can't agree to that?

Grab a glass of wine and enjoy this podcast with a force of nature himself, Russell Simmons. In his own words, it is quite "an esoteric rap we had going on."