13 Real-Life Badass Grandmas Will Make Your Day

These Real-Life Badass Grandmas Will Make Your Day

Forget the stereotype of sweet little grandmas who spend their days knitting in rocking chairs and living in fear of having their purses stolen.

Grandmas today are just plain badass and we're not just talking about Betty White or Downton Abbey's Dowager Countess.

We're talking about real-life grandmas that are living life and holding their own, like Florida grandma Mimi Rosenthal who got her first tattoo at 99. Or Wanita Zimmerman who went celebrated her 90th birthday by what else-- skydiving. And don't forget 92-year-old Opal Phelps who kicked a home intruder in the face and taught him you don't mess with Texas.

You may know one, or even be one, but we've found some real-life badass women that are redefining the word grandma:

Protest Grandma

Grandmothers against the war

Kung-Fu-Fighting Grandma

Harley Grandma

Girls-just-wanna-have-fun Grandma

420-friendly Grandma

Smartass Grandma

Gym-bunny Grandma

Rock'n'Roll Grandma

LGBT Pride Grandma

Tell-it-like-it-is Grandma

Dont-mess-with-this Grandma

Outlaw Grandma

Good Sport Grandma

Now go home and hug your grandma.

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