See What Happens When A Badass Horse Fights An Alligator

"I'm still shaking," a witness says.

Apparently this is the horse’s stomping ground.

Watch this feisty equine pound an alligator with its hooves in a viral video.

The gator bites back, but we gotta say that the horse gets the better of this encounter. It all went down at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park in Micanopy, Florida, Mashable reported. The park is home to wild horses, gators, and a variety of other animals.

Krystal Berry, who posted the video to Facebook on Wednesday, wrote that she contacted the preserve to check on both animals’ condition and noted that neither the horse nor gator appeared worse for the wear. That was not the case for Berry.

“I’m still shaking,” she wrote.

Footage taken apparently before the big fight showed a herd of horses spooked into a retreat by the gator but then one steps forward to force the reptile out of the brush.

Lesson learned. If a horse ever picks on us, we’ll try to buy it a drink to keep the peace.

Here’s another look:

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