Badass Librarian Tracks Down 'Hackers,' Clears Student's Name

Never underestimate a librarian, friends.

On Tuesday, a New York-based school librarian named Jennifer Iacopelli put on her detective cap after a crying student approached her for help.

According to a series of increasingly Sherlock-esque tweets, she is apparently a master of both the Dewey Decimal System and sleuthing.

The story, as told to Twitter, goes: When Iacopelli asked why the crying student was grounded, she claimed that someone had “hacked” her English paper, adding “inappropriate things” to the assignment, which her mother believed she had written.

The student insisted that the inappropriate additions to her paper, which she’d been working on using Google Docs, were not her own. Intrigued by the alleged hacking, Iacopelli went on the hunt to figure out how the paper ended up in this condition.

After parsing through edits on Google Docs and diving into library security footage, Iacopelli realized that the student had used a library computer to work on the paper ― and that the computer she used earlier in the afternoon was used by three boys after her.

The security footage showed that the boys had tampered with the paper after the student likely left Google Docs open.

After showing the footage to another library aide, Iacopelli realized they could track the boys down.

Long story short, all three boys were punished for their paper sabotage, all thanks to the librarian’s expert investigative work.

But that wasn’t the only good news:

Clearly, Iacopelli is a badass.

And Twitter seems to love this solved mystery.

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