Badass Spanish Soccer Star Disguised As A Dude Crushes Male Opponents

Most gratifying prank ever.

Female soccer stars tend to receive far less worldwide attention than their male counterparts, but that doesn't mean they can't outplay the boys.

Brenda Perez is a professional Spanish soccer player -- and a kick-ass one at that. She's got the skills to shoot past any one she's up against, and show that women can play soccer at the same level as men.

Perez proved this by going undercover as a dude on the Spanish TV show “El Hormiguero.” They fitted her with a latex mask and facial hair and transformed Brenda Perez into "Dani Perez" to take on some male soccer pros during a non-league match in Madrid. 

In a move reminiscent of Amanda Bynes' character in the 2006 classic film "She's The Man," Perez shows off her expert footwork and breezes past the unsuspecting male players with ease. 

Watch her take on the guys below, and pay special attention to the moment she reveals her identity. The look on her opponent's faces is priceless:

Seriously, it's the epitome of shock and awe:

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