Baddie Winkle's New Fashion Campaign Is Our Wildest Dream Come True

Fun for all!

Missguided is known for its fashionable, trendy clothing popular with teens and 20-somethings. But for the brand’s Christmas campaign, their model is none other than an 88-year-old internet sensation who’s been “stealing your man since 1928.” 

Baddie Winkle, the sassy, white-haired grandma whose got more Instagram followers than you ― 2.4 million to be exact ― is the new face of the brand and is all the proof you need that age is nothing but a number.

Wearing a pink fur jacket and carrying a jewel-encrusted cane, Winkle makes it rain with pink paper bills and parties with scantily clad women just a fraction of her age in a fun promo video for the campaign which drops on Nov. 18. 

“I’ve been getting on the naughty list since 1928,” she says while partying it up.

The young-at-heart octogenarian shared her tips for staying youthful with HuffPost 50 earlier this year, saying it’s important to find what makes you happy and to always have something to look forward to. The woman clearly knows what she’s talking about. 

“You’re never ever too old to party,” she says in her Missguided video.

Guess the party never really stops ... not even when you’re pushing 90.

More power to ya, Baddie!



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