Badminton Fight! Bodin Issara Punches London Olympics Teammate Maneepong Jongjit (VIDEO)

Who knew badminton could be so brutal?

In quickly circulating video posted on YouTube, Thai badminton player Bodin Issara is shown chasing down then pummeling former Olympic teammate Maneepong Jongjit at the Canada Open on Sunday.

Watch above as Issara pursues Jongjit into an unoccupied adjacent court, pulls off Jongjit's shirt and punches Jongjit repeatedly as he lies face down on the ground to protect himself. Officials finally pull off Issara.

According to the Vancouver Sun, Jongjit received stitches in one ear, and both players were disqualified. No criminal charges were filed as of Monday morning.

Bad blood may have been simmering between the once highly ranked duo since Issara retired suddenly in January, then later began playing with another partner, the Sun wrote.

As Yahoo notes, the two lost in the doubles quarterfinals at the 2012 Olympics in London.

Surprised by the sudden violence in a sport often associated with backyard barbecues? Hey, even chess masters have gotten physical.



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