How To Make Your Bagel As Healthy As Possible

What's in a schmear?

Bagels are rarely celebrated as a healthy breakfast option, particularly by the carb-averse. But despite their bad reputation, they can be included in a rotation of nourishing breakfasts, so long as they're properly prepped. If health is the name of your game, it'd be wise to follow a short list of bagel criteria.

First, find a bagel that isn't shocking in its size. The food item has undoubtedly super-sized over the years, so anything that makes you think Gee, that's a big bagel, is better off skipped. Next, select a whole wheat bagel if possible. The additional fiber will make for a more satisfying breakfast, keeping you fuller for longer. Last, scrutinize the schmear. You may want to skip classic cream cheese and butter spreads and, instead, opt for something with protein to make the brekkie well-rounded.

Nut butters, eggs, fish and avocado are all toppings that can amp up the healthfulness of your bagel. Adding vegetables and fruit is always a good idea, too. No matter which bagel topping you end up choosing, be mindful of the serving size. If the bagel has a center of cream cheese that is the same thickness as the bread, for instance, you might want to think twice. To better understand the nutrition of your bagel, check out the infographic below. Notice the serving sizes and keep them in mind the next time you scoop into a tub of cream cheese.

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