This Is How Real Brooklynites Made Bagels By Hand In The '70s

This Is How Real Brooklynites Made Bagels In The '70s

Sure, bagels and New Yorkers have an unbreakable bond, but few know what goes on behind the scenes to produce one of the quintessential foods of the Big Apple.

A video from 1979 that's making the rounds online showcases the coveted art of kneading, cutting, boiling and baking dough into perfect O's. The grainy footage has been restored by Brooklyn Public Library, according to Wimp, and provides a unique glimpse into what making handmade bagels looked like 30 years ago.

In a no-nonsense Brooklyn accent, one of the bagel makers touches on the special relationship between New Yorkers and the beloved breakfast food.

"I guess everybody knows bagels and New York is just one of these things that go together," the thick-mustachioed man says while forming the circles out of dough. "You go outside of New York a lot of places don't even know what a bagel is. From what I understand, I think the reason for that is the water. New York, there's something in the water that does it."

Watch the 7-minute-long video, above. We promise you'll be hankering for a bagel by the end.

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