Bagel-Pigeon Is Giving Pizza Rat Serious Competition

Hey, little bird, you got some cream cheese and lox to go with that thing?

Move over, Pizza Rat.

New York's now-famous ravenous rodent has some serious competition -- a pigeon sporting a bagel necklace. 

Thanks to redditor connierubirosa, a photo of Bagel Pigeon is blowing up the Internet. The user uploaded the photo under title: "most New York photo I've ever taken." 

With the combined history of Jewish European immigrants bringing bagels to New York City in the early 20th century and the significant population of pigeons in the city, this is a natural.

There's only one ethnic snack that might sum up the Big Apple experience better than a pizza, and it's a bagel. Of course, depending on what neighborhood you're making that claim in, those are fighting words.

Of course, if that's a salt bagel, this fowl might rightfully be called a seagull.