Bagels and Coffee With 'James White' Director Josh Mond and Actor Christopher Abbott

Imagine you direct your very first film and it gets the Best of Next Award at Sundance and the Emerging Artist Award for both director and actor at the Chicago International Film Festival. That's exactly what happened for first-time director Josh Mond and actor Christopher Abbott with the emotional, moving and the beautifully-made film, James White, out in theaters nationally this Friday.

With the madness that was the Chicago International Film Festival, the only way to make my podcast, The Dinner Party with Elysabeth Alfano on WGN Radio's WGN Plus, work with these two New Yorkers was to have them to my house for-what else?-coffee and bagels. In the podcast below, we discuss their creative process in the making of James White and the food they had, if any, on the low-budget, 22-day, indie shoot.

Enjoy this podcast and below it you will find a bit more about artists, Josh Mond and Christopher Abbott.

Josh Mond is a Tisch Film School alum. Along with Antonio Campos and Sean Durkin, he formed Borderline Films in 2003. At Borderline, the filmmakers rotate between the roles of writer, director and producer, allowing each of them to make the kind of films they want to make with the support they need from each other.

Christopher Abbott is an actor most known for his role in the HBO series Girls, but has done work in New York theatre and had roles in independently made movies like, The Sleepwalker, Hello I Must Be Going and a Borderline film, Martha Marcy May Marlene.