Anti-Gay Street Preacher Gets Shut Down In Scotland... By Bagpipes

"Local boy takes down hate preacher in the most Scottish way possible."

Here's how you shut down a homophobic street preacher, Scottish style: with bagpipes

The preacher's words are difficult to make out as he rants through a microphone and amplifier on Market Street in St. Andrews. The Joe My God blog reports that a reader who was on the scene said the preacher was screaming about how gay marriage was supposedly ruining the economy

That's when a bagpiper comes along and drowns him out. 

"Local boy takes down hate preacher in the most Scottish way possible," wrote Lachie Blair, who posted the clip on both Facebook and YouTube. 

The clip ends with a police van pulling up to the preacher. A commenter on Joe My God says the preacher was warned that he was disturbing the peace because of his amplifier.

The incident is reminiscent of the scene in South Carolina over the summer when a KKK rally was given a goofy sousaphone soundtrack

(h/t Raw Story)

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