Bain Capital Slammed In DNC Attack Ad Targeting Mitt Romney (VIDEO)

WATCH: DNC Attack Ad Slams Bain Capital

As the 2012 campaign road winds its way toward South Carolina, frontrunner Mitt Romney's time at Bain Capital is under more and more scrutiny.

The Democratic National Committee has joined the fray, releasing a web video highlighting criticisms of Romney's dealings with the venture capital firm. Entitled "Don't Just Take Our Word For It," the clip crosses party lines, relying on critical comments from GOP rivals to get this opening claim across.

"Mitt Romney has a record of destroying the economic lives of companies, individuals, and entire communities as a corporate buyout specialist," the ad reads, before turning to Republican voices.

Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich, among others, spent some time this past week homing in on Romney's time at the firm. Gingrich targeted Romney's record as a venture capitalist, raising the question of how "the big boys made a lot of money and [others] went broke." Perry likened Bain Capital to "vultures" that ruin workers' lives, and highlighted decisions that cost jobs in South Carolina.

Romney's job cuts may be forgiven by Palmetto State voters. The Associated Press notes that despite high unemployment and a bleak employment outlook, South Carolina voters are used to low wages and a lack of unions.

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