21 Ways To Eat Baked Potatoes, Earth's Most Comforting Food

We love you so much, baked potatoes. Never change.

There isn't much we don't love about baked potatoes. They're hot, comforting, cheap, simple and usually (if we get our way) covered in cheese. Whether we've stayed out a bit too late the night before, waited too long to eat and gotten hangry, or are just in need of some old fashioned comfort, a baked potato recipe is likely the answer.

Since we don't discriminate, we've also included some baked sweet potato recipes. Do not be confused: they are just as delicious covered in cheese, even though they are sweet. If we've left off your favorite baked potato topper/filler, let us know what it is in the comments!

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Potato Skins Mac And Cheese

Potato Skins


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