Edible Utensils Make Your Mouth, Body And The Planet Happy

Spoon, it’s what’s for dinner.

Narayana Peesapaty, of Hyderabad, India, has baked up a brilliant product. Bakeys are edible spoons, forks and chopsticks you can eat with and then eat:

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The soup spoons, sporks and chopsticks are made from a mix of millet, rice and wheat flours and are baked dry. They also come in three flavors, plain, sweet or spicy so the flavor never makes your food taste funky.

The best part is that the edible flatware, which is meant to replace plastic cutlery, is waste and chemical-free.

According to Breastcancer.org, lots of plastic silverware contains polystyrene, or #6 plastic, which can leach a chemical called styrene. According to the EPA, exposure to styrene can lead to eye irritation, headaches, fatigue and depression, and some studies have suggested that there may be a link between styrene exposure and an increased risk of leukemia and lymphoma -- though this evidence is inconclusive.

CNN also notes that #6 plastic is recyclable, but many companies don’t recycle it because it’s not cost-effective.

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