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Balancing Giving and Receiving

Giving and receiving coexist. They're polarities on the same continuum. One requires the other in order for either to occur. Often they occur in cycles.
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In order for us to fully understand the meaning of human existence and live in this world, we must have the ability to receive and to give whatever is available from the supply in the world. Which is more important? Which comes first -- the receiving or the giving?

Actually, they're one and the same. We can't have giving without receiving. We can't have receiving without giving. Giving and receiving coexist. They're polarities on the same continuum. One requires the other in order for either to occur.

My view is that the supply for giving and receiving comes from the same divine source. Both are essential and natural. Although giving and receiving can occur simultaneously, they tend to happen in one way and then the other way like a tide that naturally flows and out with variations for the current conditions. Often they occur in cycles. The dynamic of giving and receiving is what's important so there will be a change of flow from giving to receiving and visa versa.

I encourage you to find a relationship between giving and receiving such that they balance out for you. A large part of finding that balance starts with being grateful for what you have. When we're drinking from the stream of life, it's important to remember that somewhere there is the source from where that stream generates and to be grateful for the source of the good things that we are receiving. I see that source as God. Others see it by other names and sources or as nature or the world.

By claiming a source of infinite rather than finite supply of what's needed, and yourself as a recipient of the benefits that come from that source, you can live in more accordance with how to manifest from the infinite supply. Keep in mind that this infinite source also keeps your best interests in consideration, including what you are to learn and gain from your life experiences. These are the internal benefits that make for you becoming a better human being. You can also consider that the way this all works includes the best for everyone and everything altogether. You can afford to give, rather than trying to hang onto what you have received. You can receive, knowing that how you are receiving for your assistance is just as important as how you are giving to assist others and the situations in the world. We can all become greater sources in the cycle of giving and receiving.

The act of giving balances with what we have received. So take a moment to realize you have clothes and a place to live even when those aspects may appear limited. Perhaps for now your dwelling has the open sky for a roof. We all have much more to be grateful for when we consider how each and every experience brings greater learning and lasting wisdom. I encourage you to ask yourself what would serve the most in this moment. Would the best results come by focusing upon giving to the needs of others or by your receiving what is needed for your situation?

Would you be better served by focusing on reducing what you take or creating more for the needs for the world in which you find yourself now? Perhaps your life is reflecting that you have been spending beyond your means rather than within your means. Would you be better served by reducing what you spend or creating more so you have more than you need? You may find that you are unsure of how or where to create greater means to live the life you want. Then perhaps you are in a place where you need to ask yourself, "Do I need to adjust what I want? Do I need to utilize what I have in my current means to be less costly and reduce debt?"

As we grow spiritually, we're often called upon to experience greater receiving and greater giving. Would giving be increasing while receiving is decreasing? No, of course not. Receiving and giving increase mutually. They increase together because they're one and the same. So to receive well, we must give well. To give, we must be open to receive and to take what serves altogether the greatest health, wealth and happiness.

In the Bible it says, "He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully" (2 Corinthians 9:6). It is also written in the Bible, "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you" (Matthew 6:33). I consider these references as a promise to us all and direction on how to create and manifest into the world. I find it wise to consider that life provides infinite opportunities to better know and understand just how our infinite source has already created the blessings of all in this world. I encourage all of us to embrace each new experience and all the conditions before us as opportunities to contribute to wealth, wisdom and a better life experience for each and everyone of us. We are called upon to participate fully in creating a better world for ourself and everyone. Our infinite source of supply is also an infinite source of wisdom that can solve whatever conditions are before us so health, wealth and happiness can be increased for all.

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