Boy Dancing To Justin Bieber Makes Us 'Sorry' We Can’t Slay Like Him

Is there such a thing as adorable fierceness?

If you have ears and live on planet Earth, you've heard Justin Bieber's "Sorry." And you know it's a song that begs to be danced to.

For most of us, that means sad shimmying from behind the wheel. For John Phillip Bughaw, aka Balang, it means Shakira-level bodyrolls and a confidence reserved only for adorable children and Beyoncé.

With moves like these, it's hard not to go viral. The video currently has more than 12.9 million views on Facebook.

Bughaw might only be 7 years old, but he's no stranger to viral fame. He appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" twice in 2015, and his Facebook page, which is full of his dance videos and photos, has more than 90,000 fans.

Bughaw is from the Philippines, so his first appearance on Ellen was his first time in the United States.

A photo posted by Ellen (@theellenshow) on

And just like that, a star was born. Honestly, we wouldn't be surprised if he gets recruited for Bieber's next video.

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