Bald Eagle Flies Above The Water At Bullards Bar (PHOTO)

Here's a wildlife picture that might make you want to salute.

On Friday, Imgur user Cpl_Lumpnugs69 posted a breathtaking photo of a bald eagle at Bullards Bar in Yuba County, Calif., with the headline "My Dad's pretty proud of the picture he took."

The poster, whose real name is Tanner Hill, described the shot to The Huffington Post in an email: "My dad, Jay Hill, took this photo yesterday morning (7/18) on his last day of vacation at a lake in Northern California (near Marysville, CA). He is a photography hobbyist and was playing with his new camera when he caught this eagle swooping down to pick up a fish in the lake."

While you admire the majestic bird, note that pictures like this one have been made more possible by successful conservation efforts. The bald eagle flew off the threatened and endangered species list in 2007, in part because of the banning of the pesticide DDT and the heightened protection of its nesting sites.

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Credit: Imgur