Watch Donald Trump Get Attacked By A Bald Eagle

Eagle trumps Trump.

A bald eagle showed Donald Trump who's boss when the two were forced to breathe the same air during a photoshoot for Time magazine earlier this year.

The bird flapped, pecked and scratched away at the leading candidate for the Republican nomination, in what feels like an all-too-real metaphor for the current state of American politics.

Yep, you heard that right. Trump was attacked by the very symbol of the United States of America.

The real estate mogul turned TV personality turned presidential wannabe was posing with the bird for Time "Person of the Year" issue. The photographer, Martin Schoeller, thought that having Trump hold a 27-year-old bald eagle named "Uncle Sam" would make for a nice photo.

Uncle Sam did not agree.

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Don't be fooled by the seemingly civil relationship between the two. The behind-the-scenes footage shows Uncle Sam taking specific issue with Trump's hair. But then again, who doesn't?

So was it all worth it? Apparently not. Trump nabbed a place on the magazine's shortlist, but was eventually beaten out by Angela Merkel for the No. 1 spot. Unsurprisingly, he was not happy about this.

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