Calling All Bald Men: Tips For Maintaining A Shiny Head

Larry David has been complaining for years about the plight of the bald man, and his day in the sun might have finally come. According to various aficionados of being bald who joined HuffPost Live on Tuesday, the no-hair look is having a moment, and it's important for men who lose their hair -- naturally or otherwise -- to know how to care for their shiny heads.

"Caring for a bald head is similar to having a head with hair," said John T. Capps, the founder of the Bald Headed Men of America. "And, particularly, you have to care for it more carefully because hair is not up there to protect it from anything."

Head rashes, sunburns and breakouts are all unfortunate realities for bald men. Capps encourages using proper soaps to keep this to a minimum, and he added many bald men actually use shampoo to better protect their heads.

"We certainly do [use shampoo]. It cleanses the skin up there and makes it fresher and more adaptable to the shine that will be on it when you finish your shower," Capps said.

Get tips for caring for your hairless head in the video above, and click here to watch the full HuffPost Live conversation about the evolution of the bald image.

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