Men With Shaved Heads Appear More Dominant, Study Finds

Into men with shaved heads? There's science for that.

A new study suggests that balding men should just go ahead and Bic it all off: society sees men with shaved heads being more "manly."

Alfred Mannes, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, published the findings of his hair-raising study in a recent article for the Journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science. A proud bald man himself, Mannes found that his 60 participants, when shown pictures of different hair-blessed and hair-challenged men, repeatedly conceived of the men with cuetops as ranking higher for "masculinity, strength, dominance and leadership potential."

You read that right: dudes with receding hairlines shouldn't fret... just turn to Gillette.

“The shaved look is more attractive than the visibly balding look," Mannes told Time. "So men suffering natural hair loss may enhance both their dominance and attractiveness by shaving."

Aha! Is that the real reason we might find men with no hair so hot? Shaving your head is an act of boldness, Mannes says, and a "manly" feat that might have quite a few women fanning themselves.

Who knew? Looks like we should all be heading to the --very real -- bald men capital of the U.S.: Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Read more details of the study over at Time, and keep scrolling, ladies.

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