Balenciaga's Fall 2017 Collection Is For Anyone Who Still Feels The Bern

A future wardrobe to believe in.

Bernie Sanders ran a history-making campaign that lit a fire in the hearts of many Americans. In the months since the election, he has kept that fire berning, partially by calling out President-elect Donald Trump on his policies, partially by refusing to stand down on Trump’s picks for top White House positions and also by apparently inspiring a fashion collection.

Balenciaga’s Fall 2017 collection, which showed in Paris on Wednesday, included a few pieces featuring a logo instantly recognizable to anyone who followed the 2016 election ― that of Sanders’ campaign.

The logo, which was nearly identical to Bernie’s ― aside from the fact that it read “Balenciaga 2017” ― appeared on jackets:

Catwalking via Getty Images


Catwalking via Getty Images

And even a giant scarf:

Catwalking via Getty Images

Here’s the Bernie logo in question, for reference:

Tom Williams via Getty Images

Fashionista pointed out that Balenciaga went so far as to use the logo as nail art on its models in the show.

Considering Sanders’ stance on income and wealth, the sky-high cost of Balenciaga’s garb provides a touch of irony that is not lost on us. We have to hand it to Balenciaga though, for capitalizing on the increasingly popular usage of logos on clothing and the Bernie Bro. phenomenon.

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