Balenciaga Is Selling A Shirt With A Shirt Attached To It For $1,290

People on Twitter are totally confused by the T-shirt shirt.

Well, this seems like a load of shirt.

Balenciaga, the same high-fashion brand that gave us the $2,145 version of Ikea’s $0.99 blue bag and a leather skirt that looks like a car mat, has bestowed another baffling design on the world.

Balenciaga’s T-shirt shirt can be yours for only $1,290. (Standard shipping is free.)
Balenciaga’s T-shirt shirt can be yours for only $1,290. (Standard shipping is free.)

The T-shirt shirt is exactly what the name suggests: a long-sleeve button-front shirt attached to a T-shirt. The item, which is part of the fashion house’s autumn 2018 collection, is way more versatile than one would think. According to Balenciaga’s website, the wearer has the option to wear the T-shirt with the button-front shirt hanging from the front or wear the button-front shirt with the T-shirt hanging from the back, so one could look unnecessarily weird at casual as well as dressier events.

And if the business-in-the-front-and-party-in-the-back design of this mullet of shirts weren’t enough to make one’s head spin, the price tag is also pretty astonishing.

It costs $1,290. Yes, $1,290.

Naturally, once this information made its way on to Twitter, a lot of users expressed complete and utter confusion.

Others felt straight-up empathy for the man who had to model the T-shirt shirt and imagined what he was thinking during the photo shoot.

Other Twitter users pointed out that this isn’t the only double shirt the brand is selling.

Or even the only ridiculous item the brand is selling.

And if one does truly loves the look of the T-shirt shirt but doesn’t have more than a grand to shell out for it, one Twitter user came up with a brilliant solution:

Now excuse us while we try to make jean pants and sell it to Balenciaga for $9,034,823,048,023,840,284,023,948,203,984,203,984.

Damn it, someone beat us to the punch.

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