Life Comes At You Fast. Or In This Case, Very, Very Slowly

Ball is life, metaphorically speaking.

Confidence is a necessary part of surviving in the modern economy. It is what allows us to believe we are worth something in spite of evidence to the contrary, that we deserve the right to bargain for compensation in exchange for our labor. But the unspoken issue in regards to all things esteem-related in the year 2016 is that confidence is largely a lie, a means by which you can stand up tall in spite of the immense odds against you. Worse still, confidence leads to expectations, and then to egotism. We begin to believe we are not just worth something, but everything. In our most deceitful and self-absorbed moments, we can even convince ourselves we are worth more than others, that our blood, sweat and tears are of greater worth than that of our neighbor. It is this very lie on which we have built the foundation of our world, and it is the reason that so many people have risen up so far, only to fall so fast. Life often comes at you fast, as the modern people around us have been wont to say. But as can be seen in this video of a kid getting smacked in the f**king face by a basketball he assumed had gone in mere seconds before, it can come at you slow, too. Goodnight, cruel world. 



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