Ballad of Amway DeVos

Ballad of Amway DeVos - Urban Rap by Reeces Pieces

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Amway DeVos
Name rhymes with lost
D-Trump's Ed Sec
Hearing was a wreck.

Didn't know the word
Claims were absurd
Didn't know the law
She should withdraw.

Her main exploit
She screwed Detroit
Sell the schools
Break the rules.

Money to charter
She said with ardor
She tries harder
But gets no smarter.

Vouchers for church
With no research
She'd break the union
Her holy communion.

Don't know the facts
Makes dumb cracks
Dems are aghast
But Republicans hang fast.

Teachers fight back
Parent mount attack
Save Our Schools
We're no fools.

Two Reps say no
Will others go?
And end this show
We need to know.

She can't win
Trump won't cave in
Other picks went through
What will Trump do?

As support continues to erode
Will Donald Trump just explode?

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