Ballerinas Pose In Subway, On Pointe Near The East River

PHOTOGRAPHY: Pointe Shoes Take To The Streets With Ballerina Project

The Ballerina Project is a worthy blog and fabulous art project that coaxes graceful, fragile dancers away from the barre and into the gritty, graffiti-ed streets of New York. An image of a ballerina in pointe shoes arching her back over a net near the East River precedes a photo of a ballet dancer in silhouette posing in a Boston-based window frame.

You could say they're bringing ballet to the people, but beyond that, they are showing the versatility of the effect of ballet and its most talented stars. Not just swans on stage, these ballerinas make a street fence near the Williamsburg Bridge or a crosswalk in the East Village look suddenly full of life, color, and beauty begging the inevitable question -- why walk, when you can dance?

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