Balloon Note Released At Dad's Grave Lands In Daughter's Yard, 25 Miles Away

A woman and her daughter say they've received a message from the heavens.

On Father's Day, Sandy Seibold and her daughter Saige visited the Oklahoma gravesite of Johnny, Sandy's husband and Saige's father, who succumbed to pancreatic cancer in May at the age of 43, KFOR reports. They released a balloon carrying a letter, eulogizing their loved one and asking anyone who found it to contact them.

The pair had no idea that they'd get a message in return -- the same message, to be exact.

They drove 25 miles from the cemetery in Sterling to their home in Clement, and 13-year-old Saige found the same balloon that had traveled on the wind alongside her, 11Alive reports. She recognized the balloon immediately, tangled on a fence on her property with the phrase "#1 Dad" written on it.

Saige said she and her father used to work together in the field where she found the balloon.

"What are the chances?"Sandy told KFOR. "We felt it was a sign from my husband to let us know he was OK and to quit worrying about him."

They said they had no idea how the balloon reached their home, but that the find put them at peace.

Their heart-wrenching tale conjures up a similar story from California, where grieving children released letters in balloons on Mother's Day, describing their struggle to pay their deceased mom's funeral costs. A woman found the note 35 miles away and helped out in a big way.