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Ballooning the World's Oldest Desert

No trip to Namibia is complete without ascending the skies over the majestic Namib.
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Taking a hot air balloon ride over a magical foreign landscape is easily in most individuals top 5 travel dreams. If a thirst for unique travel experiences lives within you, it can most certainly be realized immediately after gazing over one of the world's most scenic vistas, in a mode a transport which conjures the warmest of emotions in our hearts.

Namib Sky Safaris is a unique hot air balloon experience that promises to take you on that magical ride over the world's oldest and most regal of deserts, the utterly surreal Namib.

Like anyone on a new adventure, you'll probably want to share it with others, and if that's the case, you're in luck! Nabib Sky Safaris' balloons are large enough to accommodate 16 people, with four people in each of the basket's spacious four quadrants.

During your balloon ride you'll experience an actual African Safari with an eagle-eye view that is second to none. Observing Africa's wild desert dwellers race across the dunes can be achieved in no better way, and with a crystal clear atmosphere they're far easier to spot than you might think.

Upon arriving at the balloon launch site you'll be impressed with the experience of your balloon's pilots as they command their lighter-than-air crafts to take flight at the precise moment of sunrise. As the balloon ascends you'll watch the sun ignite the red Kalahari sands of dawn in brilliant shades, contrasted by the cool dark shadows on the dunes' western faces.

Your hour-long journey will feel like it's over in only minutes as the time quickly glides along with you, but that only means it's time for another trip as no two safaris are exactly the same.

I'll admit the landing can be as intense as a roller coaster, but it's nothing a bottle of champagne can't cure, and Namib Sky Safaris has plenty of it waiting for you after the flight. Upon landing, a complete breakfast spread including an exotic selection of Namibia's meats awaits you. As you enjoy breakfast in the desert with the new friends you've made along the way, you're guaranteed to feel like you're still on cloud nine for the rest of the day.

This video presents a time-lapse view of a Namib Sky Safari (run at 15 times normal speed). This is merely an example of what your own Safari might look like. The accompanying photos illustrate why no trip to Namibia is complete without ascending the skies over the majestic Namib.

Photos produced by Alan Bamberg.

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