Finally the Democrats on the Hill have shown some leadership. Instead of being cowed by Bush's attempt to change the subject to abortion and bird flu, Harry Reid and his colleagues in the political minority have at last figured out that the Republicans are in a minority in every other way. By wide margins, the country believes we're on the wrong track, that the BushCo sleaze factor is intolerable, and that the war in Iraq is a disaster that we were deceived into launching. The Libby indictment is the tip of an iceberg. Pat Roberts, Republican chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, has refused to permit investigation and oversight of pre-war intelligence, and Porter Goss, the Bush stooge running the CIA, has made it clear that objective analysis that doesn't support administration policies is treachery. The Democrats have made a decision: when your opponents lie, stonewall, and turn a blind eye to senseless loss of life, being verbally attacked by under-investigation Bill Frist and under-polling Rick Santorum is a risk worth taking. The Republicans call closing down the Senate under Rule 21 a "stunt." What -- compared to Dr. Frist's long-distance diagnosis of Terry Schaivo?

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