Balthazar Getty: Wife Rosetta 'Understanding' After Sienna Miller Affair

Balthazar Getty had a highly publicized affair with Sienna Miller in 2008 - remember the sexy pics of them in Italy?

But now the actor is back with wife Rosetta, mother to his four children, and they talked to Harper's Bazaar (via Page Six) about the lapse.

Today the family is happily back on track: "Here's the bottom line: It was a very challenging time for everybody involved," says Balthazar, 35, "but I loved and missed my family too much not to make it work. Rosetta is understanding enough and spiritual enough to let us try. In a way it--I don't know ...I feel like we're better than we've ever been."

Rosetta explains: "I'm open to talking about it because I believe we go through things in a public way to help other people get through it. I'd love to talk about it more with people when I'm clearer about it," she says. "I'm going to have to explain this to my daughters one day. I chose not to act from ego because I just felt like it would be too crushing for my children."

Balthazar adds, "You can do two things in life when an obstacle comes your way: You can tackle it, or you can allow it to break you down."

Meanwhile Sienna is back with ex-fiance Jude Law, who cheated on her with the nanny and had a daughter from a one night stand with a wannabe model.

Below, Balthazar and Rosetta in August, with her wedding ring on: