Baltimore Landslide Video Captures Cars Being Swallowed

WATCH: Earth Swallows Up Cars In Unbelievable Video

A dramatic video posted on YouTube shows several cars being swallowed by a Baltimore landslide on Wednesday.

YouTube user ToddTesla posted the 90-second clip, which consists mostly of residents reacting to cars that appear to be tipping into a crevice at the edge of 26th St. in the city's Charles Village neighborhood. At the 1:12 mark, one of them notices that the road is splitting apart, and then the street's entire retaining wall gives way in a deafening crash as the bystanders scream in disbelief. No one was injured.

The cars fell onto train tracks used by the freight railroad company CSX, suspending service indefinitely. In a statement, the company said it was working with authorities to respond to to the incident.

The Baltimore Sun reported that the collapsed wall was 120 years old, and that 19 homes near the site of the landslide were evacuated.

Heavy rains in the Baltimore area on Wednesday caused widespread flooding, which led to the collapse. CBS Baltimore reported that Charles Village residents had also made numerous complaints about the "crumbling" street over the past year.

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