Baltimore Teens Go Medieval On Innocent Bystander: Cops

Mace in your face means peace, see you later.

Police say a group of Baltimore teens brutally attacked a 41-year-old man in a park using a medieval-style weapon last week.

The teens, aged 14 to 16, approached a man last Thursday evening in Patterson Park, East Baltimore. The victim told police that he'd been sitting on the grass near a baseball field when one of the teens slugged him in the face with a mace, a weapon with spiked metal tips most commonly used in the Middle Ages.

He said the teens demanded his cell phone. When he refused to give it up, the teens took off. The man chased after the group, although he was badly bruised and bleeding, according to WBAL.

"It just makes you nervous because you're not expecting something like that. You know you think you're walking around the park and you see a couple teenagers and you're not really concerned," park patron Bryan Mattson told the station.

The victim suffered puncture wounds under his right ear and jaw, according to CBS Baltimore. His injuries were not life threatening.

His attackers got away and police said they have no suspects in the attack.



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