People Are Pretty Much Convinced This Confiscated Gun Came From A Time Traveler

“This is the first gun you have access to in Grand Theft Auto: Gettysburg."

The Baltimore Police Department shared a Facebook post on Thursday that, for the most part, was pretty run-of-the-mill police fodder.

It stated that police had pulled over a man and discovered a loaded handgun, along with some drugs, inside his car. Since the man’s criminal record prohibits him from owning a gun, the cops confiscated it.

The only thing out of the ordinary? The gun looks like this:

The weapon’s old-timey appearance was not lost on social media.

“This is the first gun you have access to in Grand Theft Auto: Gettysburg,” one of the top comments on the photo reads. Tens of thousands of comments follow, many of them in the same vein.

You can read the rest of the excellent comments here. As of Sunday evening, even the Baltimore Police Department had gotten in on the joke.

The police could not be reached for comment by The Huffington Post for more details on the gun, or whether they would be reopening the investigation into President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.

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