Ravens' Male Cheerleaders: Baltimore's Playoff Team Only In NFL With Co-Ed Cheering Squad (VIDEO)

For years, the Baltimore Ravens have tried to distinguish themselves from every other team in the NFL with a ferocious defense. While still formidable, the Baltimore defensive unit was not in a class of it's own this season, ranking third in yards surrendered per game and points allowed per game. There is still one thing that the Ravens have that differentiates them from everyone else: male cheerleaders.

Seth Doane of "CBS This Morning" recently filed a report on the co-ed squad. Among those Doane spoke with was Jim Schwille, a male cheerleader who sells lumber as his day job and is a veteran of the Afghan war. Altogether, the Ravens' sideline cheering contingent is comprised of 40 women and 20 men. The co-ed team has even spawned romance, with male and female teammates falling in love and eventually getting married.

According to the Ravens' website, the males cheerleaders compose a subset of the team simply dubbed "the male stunt team." These gentlemen don't grace the ad for the 2012 98 Rock and Ravens Cheerleaders Spring Fling like their bikini-wearing female colleagues but they provide much of the strength undergirding the group's high-flying act.

The Ravens will play the Houston Texans in the conference semi-finals in Baltimore at 1 PM est on Sunday.


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