Gunman Opens Fire At Candlelight Vigil For Baltimore Shooting Victim

Four women and one man were wounded in Monday night's incident.

At least five people were wounded after a gunman opened fire at a candlelight vigil for a shooting victim in Baltimore.

Gunfire erupted Monday evening as up to 30 mourners paid tribute to 24-year-old Jermaine Scofield, who was shot dead early Sunday morning.

Four women and one man, aged from 20 to 48 years old, were shot in their legs and feet, reports WBAL. An ambulance took two of the wounded women to hospital, police said. The three other victims attended ER by themselves. None of their injuries appear to be life-threatening.  

Police haven’t named any suspects yet. The attacker’s motive is unknown and he remains at large.

Jermaine Scofield’s mother, Doreen Scofield, was at the vigil and later said she was “tired” of “innocent people being shot.” Enough is enough,” she told the Baltimore Sun. “We only wanted to celebrate my son, and they’re shooting at us.” None of her family members were injured.

Baltimore Police Department detective Donny Moses described the shooting as “a senseless crime.” 

We’re trying to celebrate where one person lost his life, trying to pay him respects and someone maliciously and foolishly walked into the crowd and opened fire,” he told CBS Baltimore.