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Banana Attacks Gorilla In Strongville, Ohio: Person In Fruit Costume Tackles Ape Mascot

Bananas have been preyed on by primates as long as anyone knows -- now it was time for the fruit to strike back.

A prankster wearing a banana costume tackled the gorilla mascot of a Strongville, Ohio, cellphone store and peeled out with a bunch of friends after taking down the great ape, according to local TV station WJW.

Wireless Center manager Brandon Parham called 911 when he witnessed his colleague, the one-man band of gorillas, hit the ground.

"A kid just emerged out of the bushes and just sprinted, as fast as he could, at our gorilla," Parham told WJW TV. "Like a Spartan in '300' or something. Except, he was a banana."

The banana split before cops arrived.

The man in the gorilla outfit "was not injured, just embarrassed,"
. He adjusted his head and went back to work.