Banana Bread Recipes: Donuts, French Toast And More (PHOTOS)

They include cinnamon rolls and French toast.

Banana bread is hands down the most popular of quick breads. It's hard not to love it with its sweet and cinnamon-y flavor -- it can turn banana haters to lovers, easy. We love our handful of banana bread recipes, but sometimes it's more fun to take the banana bread out of the loaf pan.

With a little imagination, and of course the help of the recipes below, you can transform your banana bread goodness into donuts, French toast and waffles to name just a few examples. It's exciting, we know. So next time your bananas turn brown, do not throw them out. Instead, whip up a batch of brownie banana bread cupcakes.

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Brownie Banana Bread Cupcakes

Banana Bread

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