Banana Republic Kate Middleton Dress Inspired By Reiss Original (PHOTOS)

Want to relive one of the most awesome moments of 2011?

The May 2011 meeting of the Duchess of Cambridge and Michelle Obama, two HuffPost Style faves, was one of our favorite photo opps of the year because it revealed just how distinctive each of the women's personal style is.

The contrast was day and night: Michelle wore a typically bold, playful outfit, choosing a swingy, colorful and print-covered look by Barbara Tfank; Kate went for youthful yet quiet elegance in a neutral-colored, body-conscious sheath by Reiss.

Now that oh-so Middleton dress can be yours. Banana Republic is now selling a dress dubbed the "Kate sheath," retailing online for $130. According to InStyle, it's a great deal cheaper than the Reiss original, which sold for $340.

Then again, it's also missing the layers of fabric around the skirt that gave it that sexy, bandage effect.

The original, called the Shola, sold out immediately and crashed the Reiss website, obvi. But Banana's brought it back. See the pics below -- how did the American retailer do? If you approve and so desire your own "Meet the Obamas" moment, you can find the Kate sheath at