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Banana Republic 'Mad Men' Airplane Show Is Underway (PHOTOS)

02/29/2012 12:16pm ET | Updated December 6, 2017

Where Karl Lagerfeld goes, fashion follows. Thus Banana Republic decided to make like Chanel and present its second "Mad Men"-inspired collection on an airplane.

The flight is underway as we speak, with bloggers and models jetting off from New York's JFK airport to LAX in Los Angeles in a customized Virgin America plane. According to Fashionista, the show will include only four looks (we imagine a full show with dozens of models would get a bit cramped), but Banana Republic is upping the luxe factor for a real fashion show feel with branded swag and in-flight cocktails (Bloody Marys!).

While we're not sure what airplanes have to do with "Mad Men," but it does seem like a fun gimmick to make people (and any high-flying birds) aware of the new collection. Then again, staging a show in air doesn't come without complications. Banana Republic just tweeted:

Experiencing turbulence- safety first! In flight fashion show to begin once we're in smoother skies #inflightfashionproblems #BRMadLive

Hate those in-light fashion problems. See pics below and follow the show live with @BananaRepublic on Twitter.