Banana Republic Trina Turk Collection Teams With ASPCA Dogs (VIDEO)

WATCH: Banana Republic Plays With Puppies

What's the only thing better than bright, print-covered summer clothes? Bright, print-covered summer clothes WITH PUPPIES.

At least that was Banana Republic's line of thinking when it teamed up with The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) with an adorable new video, launching today. Fashion + puppies = just about our favorite thing ever.

The short clip features Banana's newest collaboration, the Banana Republic Trina Turk Collection, which is chock full of Palm Springs-inspired summer gear hitting stores in June. But more importantly, the video also includes some slightly less colorful yet wayyy more adorable furry friends. Together Banana Republic and the ASPCA are seeking to increase awareness for animal adoption -- so what better way than to have Walter, Pacino, Clyde, Da Vinci and more rescue pups frolic around with scarves, bags and other summer accessories?

And if the dogs also tempt you to buy some Banana Republic Trina Turk Collection goods, you're in luck: fans of Banana Republic on Facebook will have advance access to the collection, getting a chance to shop the collab one day early on June 6.

Which means you still have six days to watch this adorable video and get psyched about the fabulous Trina Turk prints... and those cute rescue pups. Seriously, there is a dog wearing a statement necklace. What more could you want in life?

banana republic trina turk puppies
banana republic trina turk puppies

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